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Coverdale puppets
Kids Unlimited

How do we book

If you would like us to provide either training, children’s events or church events then please do contact us personally on 0151 733 4647 or Email us at info@Kids-Inc.co.uk.

We can then discuss what you would like and further details as well as available dates for events. If possible please book larger events such as holiday clubs well in advance as we do get very booked up.

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What is the cost

We do not have any set charge for the work that we do. What we do ask is that you cover the cost of any expenses such as travel, and where necessary provide food and accommodation for workers. On top of that we ask for a gift for the ministry.

Kid-Inc has no paid staff and so all our full time workers rely on some personal support from friends and churches but also on money from the work that they do through Kids-Inc.

Coverdale Puppets, being a professional group do have set charges for their schools work. Please contact them do discuss the project that you are wanting, to finalise details of costs. (These charges are kept as low as possible to allow Coverdale Puppets to be available to all groups)

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Where do you work?

Kids-Inc is a national ministry aiming to work and serve the church throughout the UK. The only limitation to where we work is your imagination!

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What Training Events are on at the moment?

For further information concerning events in the diary at the moment please Email us at training@Kids-Inc.co.uk

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How can I be involved?

There are lots of ways that you can be involved with Kids-Inc. The only requirement is that you have a heart to serve God.

Areas where you can be a part include:-

  • Administration – helping with bookings, letters, invoices etc.
  • Part of the puppet team that goes into schools – This includes, rehearsals, planning programmes, booking and prop/scenery making.
  • Children’s work – Within this area are things like planning programmes, writing scripts, producing crafts and being involved in the different events.
  • Resources – helping with stock lists, accounts, invoices, and mailing materials out.

Your involvement can be in whatever area you would like to serve and for the amount of time to suit you. All help in these areas is very much appreciated. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in our work.

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